Tales of the Cocktail 3 - Day 3
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Eau my goodness

By me in today's SF Chronicle:

St. George Spirits, the Alameda distillers behind Hangar One Vodka and several eaux-de-vie, liqueurs and one whiskey, have launched another small bottling with big flavor. Aqua Perfecta Basil Eau de Vie is made with Thai and other varieties of basil, soaked in unaged California grape brandy and redistilled. The product, which sells for $50 at the distillery (and in a few other venues soon) was launched July 14 and is a "refined accompaniment to caviar" according to the press release. The bold basil flavor is rather potent right out of the bottle and should make for some savory cocktails like the suggested Thai Fighter with lime juice and ginger simple syrup.

Available at the distillery, 2601 Monarch St. (at Alameda Point, the old Naval Air Station), Alameda; (510) 769-1601, or online at stgeorgespirits.com.

Update from St. George Spirits:

-The $50 price was a promotional thing for the open house, $65 is the regular price.

-For now it will only be available in 6 bars, no liquor stores except ours.


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