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New drinks in the city

Thursday and Friday of this week I did some (PR-sponsored) investigative drinking at these spots.

Sudachi, the new sushi bar on the Polk Street (near the Hemlock, R Bar, Vertigo, Lush Lounge barhopping district) recently opened with a sushi bar room and a front restaurant/entertainment room. They have DJs and live jazz playing a few nights of the week in the front room, with additional programming to come. They have only a beer and wine license now but have made soju cocktails to compensate. The Blueberry Aloe Mojito was fairly tasty, but not as impressive once we asked to see the aloe juice and found it's some strange grape flavored product rather than a natural product like agave nectar. The Plum Ginger Mojito I liked best of the drinks we tried, with the Watermelon3 (that should be "watermelon cubed") tasting like watermelon juice and the Nigori Sunrise needing something else to bring it together (orange bitters, perhaps?).

Anyway, the food I tried there was delicious- I had the mushroom salad. But oh, the tofu fries! They made me a very happy vegetarian in a sushi restaurant. Sudachi should be a good spot to stop off and refuel on your next Polk pub crawl.

The next day I met for happy hour at Bacar, the wine-centric restaurant revamping with some management, space, and menu changes if I understand correctly. I saw Zack from Frisson and Jason from Mecca working the bars, so that was a good sign. They're changing the cocktail menu too, and I got a sneak peak at the new drinks. (They said the names may change so the drinks may be called something else when you visit. ) They shook up about seven of them all at the same time and left us to sample. Hey, this is work!

Three of them really stood out as terrific: the sweet Basil & Buca (vodka, sambuca, basil, and lime, served up), the solid Herradura Nectar (nectarine and lemon verbena-infused anejo tequila with lime and a ginger sugar rim, on the rocks) , and the ultimate combination of trendy ingredients Monk's Flower (Chartreuse, St. Germain Elderflower, and rose champagne, on the rocks).

Bacar is quite a long walk from Market Street, but it is close to Tres Agaves and Coco500. And if you hit all three you're surely need to sobering walk back to the BART station.

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