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Career fantasy vacations are growing in popularity, with people signing on to be interns as chocolatiers, fashion designers, brewmasters, and other dream jobs. Now the Fifth Floor Restaurant and Hotel Palomar offers a Weekend Sommelier package. For $250 guests work with Fifth Floor wine director (and excellent teacher- I've taken one of her "Wines on Wine" classes) Emily Wines, visiting the wine cellar, sampling the night’s dinner with the staff to develop the daily wine specials, serving wine alongside Wines during the dinner course, and of course, engaging in a couple of tasting sessions throughout the day. And you don’t need to be from out of town or stay at the Palomar to do it- the Weekend Sommelier program is open to the public, and you can complete the program on a weekday if you want. That way, locals can enroll in the program as a Sick-Day Sommelier.

They don't have any information about the program on the Fifth Floor website, but you can call (415) 348-1555 for the goods.

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