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August 2007

Moonshine By the Bay

Bay Area home distillers make modern-day moonshine Camper English, Special to The Chronicle Friday, August 24, 2007 Moonshiners live among us. By day they appear to be respectable members of society, perhaps writing software to make your Internet experience run smoothly. But at night and on weekends, after a visit to the farmers' market or a nice brunch, they work in secret, sterilizing equipment, taking specific gravity and temperature measurements, and waiting impatiently as their illegal hooch drip, drip, drips out of tiny stills. " 'Illegal' is such a judgmental word," jokes Doug (not his real name), who makes moonshine... Read more →

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Speakeasy's hootenanny

By me, in today's SF Chronicle: Help celebrate Speakeasy Ales and Lagers' 10-year anniversary Saturday with a "rousing, riveting, and spine-tingling blowout hullabaloo" party at the Bayview brewery. The free admission event features live music by Brittany Shane, Crosstops and other bands, a barbecue, and of course, beer. They'll be debuting White Lightning Wheat Beer on tap, made with wheat, oats, orange peel and spices, that you can try in the 10-year commemorative tasting glass. The family-friendly (but 21 to drink) event runs from 2 to 7 p.m. at 1195 Evans Ave. (at Keith), San Francisco; (415) 642-3371. Labels: beer,... Read more →

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Hey, My Bartender's On TV!

By me, in today's SF Chronicle: "Great Cocktails," a new show on the Fine Living Network, features some great bartenders we think you'll recognize: Jeff Hollinger of Absinthe, Duggan McDonnell of Cantina, Matt Kahn of Cigar Bar and Grill, Zachary Morlock of Frisson (now at Bacar and Ambassador), and even Chronicle cocktail columnist Gary Regan make appearances. So do other mixologists from around the country, popping up in short segments on simple topics like giving a toast and throwing a theme party. Most of the local bars on the show don't have televisions so you'll have to watch them from... Read more →

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Does this sex toy go with red or white?

Decanter.com reports on wine and sex toy parties thrown by sex toy shop Babeland. This is such a good idea I'm a bit disappointed it didn't originate in San Francisco. We have at least two wine bars in every neighborhood (even the ghettos), unionized strippers, and shame-free sex toy stores in boutique shopping districts. Kudos to Babeland for smart thinking. Here's an idea: Someone should open a sex toy shop/wine tasting bar in the wine country. That way all those bachelorette wine tasting limo tours could kill two birds with one stone. I have a million of these great ideas... Read more →

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Single-Malt Gasoline

A while ago I mentioned how in Germany and in Mexico they're forgoing crops of beer barley and tequila agave (respectively) to grow biofuel-friendly corn for the supposed new market for the product. Well, finally someone put on their thinking cap and decided to attempt to make biofuel that doesn't require the inhuman sacrifice of our favorite adult beverages. At Abertay University in Scotland, a researcher was given a year grant to find ways to turn residue from beer and whisky (known in the industry, I believe, as distillers dry grain or DDG) into biofuel. Currently it's recycled into animal... Read more →

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