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August 2007

If you have a $35,000 bottle of whisky, make sure to keep it safe from angry teenagers

Fate of $40,000 bottle of whisky hard to swallow Les Kennedy August 10, 2007 IT WAS an act of drunken spite against his former stepfather that led Daniel Alex D'Souza to break open a bottle of rare Scotch whisky purported to have dated back to the time of the First Fleet. By his own account to police in a recorded interview, the 19-year-old from Cootamundra, in southern NSW, said he did not stop to savour the drop, but "poured it into the ground". Police allege the whisky would have been worth $40,000 (Australian = $34,368 US) if sold at auction... Read more →

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Distillers are the new rock stars

A blurb by me in today's San Francisco Chronicle: Next big thing: Tequila bottle signings Camper English Friday, August 10, 2007 Further evidence that distillers are the new rock stars: Carlos Camarena, owner and third-generation master distiller of El Tesoro Tequila, will be in town next week to sign autographs. The distillery recently launched a limited edition 7-year-old El Tesoro Anniversario tequila in celebration of its 70th anniversary. Camarena will sign bottles of the product at the John Walker & Company liquor store (175 Sutter St., at Kearny, San Francisco; 415-986-2707) from 4 to 5 p.m. Wednesday. Bottles may be... Read more →

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Taking the Times to Task

On Brookstone Beer Bulletin, Jay Brooks has a nice rant against the New York Times' recent piece, "For Beer Tastes, on Beer Budgets"called "Penny Wise and Pint Foolish," about how an article on where to find cheap, crappy beer is insulting to beer in a way the Times would never do for wine or cocktails. The two-buck Chuck phenomenon aside, can you imagine stories in the New York Times about finding the cheapest wine or whisky when you’re out on the town? I can’t, and it seems to me this is just another of the countless insults beer endures. Why... Read more →

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Beating me to the Punch

I was telling someone at a bar how I wanted to publish the San Francisco bartender family tree, showing how you can connect most bars in the city through bartenders who work at multiple venues. The person I was talking to said, "Have you seen the latest issue of 7x7?" Naturally, Jordan Mackay had just published an article on bartenders working in multiple venues. Though not exactly the same thing I was going to write, I've decided that this happens far too often for it to be coincidence. Obviously Jordan cannot come up with these brilliant topics months before I... Read more →

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Brews News

Just some links to beer news today: Where to get cheap beer in New York. Rogue Ales is being exported to China. Scientist uses diffusing acoustic wave spectroscopy to study beer bubbles. “A lot of effort has gone into figuring out how to get just the right concentration and size of bubbles, and how to produce the perfect head on a glass of beer,” he says. “There are people who work in that industry who know much, much more about that than I do. Could diffusing acoustic wave spectroscopy be useful to them? Maybe. But for me, beer is just... Read more →

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Getting Schooled by the Best

On Saturday I attended a couple of sessions of Mixology Weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. Over the weekend courses were taught by Thad Vogler (Jardiniere), Todd Smith (Bourbon & Branch), Scott Beattie (Cyrus), Greg Lindgren (Rye), and David Nepove (Southern Wine & Spirits). I got a ride down with Erik from eGullet and we attended Scott Beattie's "Farm Fresh Cocktails" class. Unlike the others taught this weekend, Scott made all the drinks for us as we watched, smelled his fresh herbs, and helped defoliate mint and flowers to use as ingredients. His creations were amazing and complex... Read more →

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