National Vodka Day is October 4
Indian Vodka Names

A categorized list of "martinis"

A fun list on of (mostly bad) martinis, including
Franklin-tini (for Ben Franklin's 300th birthday) Mex-tini (orange vodka + tequila) Sex-tini (Asian sex tonic + x-rated vodka) Flu-tini (vodka + cold medicine) Red Lobster Butter-Tini (butterscotch schnapps + half and half + Bailey's) Bikini-tini (low calorie) K-tini (sauerkraut) Red Hot Santa-tini (chili peppers + whipped cream) Insomnia-tini (energy drink) Peep-tini (Peeps candy)
For a change, reading about drinks doesn't make me thirsty at all.


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