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Last night I went to the Joy of Sake event for the second year in a row. Again it was well-organized, not-overcrowded, and I had a blast even though I went by myself. As everyone is sort of mushed in together trying the sakes, it's really easy to turn to people and remark on a sake, have a 20 second discussion, then keep moving in opposite directions. Kind of like speed dating for sake drinkers.

I got there late- the event is two and a half hours long and you really do need the whole time to feel like you've accomplished much. (And take time out to eat and rehydrate.) So I got through a few of the Yamahais and decided they weren't tasting well with me, then I checked out most of the Daiginjos (that was a lot of work) and just a few of the Ginjos.

I only made notes on my program when I really liked something, but this year overheard other people with a better system- they rated all the sakes on a 1-5 or other scale. That way I could see not only what I liked, but what I didn't. It seems kind of obvious, but I'm not master of that. Next year, I'll really have my act together.

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