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In Eric Felten's most recent Wall Street Journal article, he takes on bad, and badly-named drinks. He goes into one particular drink but takes an extra sentence to describe the name.
Popular in Australia, it seems, is a shooter made of Baileys and butterscotch liqueur. The drink's elaborate and unprintable title vividly describes a "cowboy" engaged in an activity the Supreme Court adjudicated in Bowers v. Hardwick. Frankly, I can't decide which is more distasteful -- the lewd logo, or a drink of Baileys and butterscotch liqueur.
That's a long way of saying "cowboy socksucker." (I'm replacing the 'c' with an 's', as I don't want to get this blog banned from too many more places.)

When I moved to San Francisco they made this drink (and I was quite fond of it at the time, but I was dumb and pretty then) but they just called it the socksucker.

Back in Boston we called it the butterball. I wondered how many other names there were for this drink containing all of two ingredients, so I turned to This database has so many repeated and wrong recipes that finding other names for drinks is about the only thing it's good for.

It turns out the drink of Irish cream liqueur and butterscotch liqueur is also called:

Bit 'o Honey
Butterscotch Bomb
Butterscotch Cookie Shot
Buttery Nipple
Buttery Nipple #2
Camel Hump
Socksucking Cowboy
Copper Camel
Cowboy Socksucker
Oatmeal Cookie #2
Slippery Nipple

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