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In a very surprising move, classic Italian restaurant Kuleto's in SF's Union Square launched the city's first all-organic cocktail menu.

By me, in today's SF Chronicle:

What is likely San Francisco's first all-organic cocktail menu popped up in a very unlikely place - Kuleto's, the Italian restaurant in Union Square. The seven drinks on the menu are made with organic vodka, rum, gin, Tequila and Scotch, mixers, fruits, juices, syrups and even garnishes. Most are familiar drinks - cosmos, mojitos, lemon drops and margaritas - but you won't find a martini or Manhattan because nobody seems to make an organic vermouth. The bar does serve non-organic drinks aplenty, but you'll have to order off the menu for those.

221 Powell St. (at O'Farrell), San Francisco; (415) 397-7720.

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