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Islay and Oysters at Absinthe

I don't even eat seafood but this sounds like a great pairing. Islay single malts can take on much of the character of the sea due to the wind-swept island locations: salt, seaweed/iodine, and the smokiness I bet will work just great with how (I think I remember) oysters taste.

Thursday, October 11 6:00 pm, $50 per person

Join us in our Private Dining Room as we sample up 20 different Islay drams.

In addition, we'll consume countless oysters, celebrating an age-old Islay pairing. This event is our warm up for Malt Advocate's first annual Whisk(e)y Fest in San Francisco on October 23, at the Hyatt Regencey Hotel. To purchase tickets for Absinthe's 'Little Feis Ile', go here.

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