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Don't click here has a list of "unhealthiest holiday cocktails," where they list the number of calories, carbs, and fat in a bunch of winter drinks. It's nice and shocking that a mudslide (at least the way they make it) has 851 calories, but overall I think this story topic is just annoying.

There is no healthy cocktail. It's booze. Forbes has written this story before with highest-calorie cocktails and here they've spun it for the holidays. I think it's the word "unhealthiest" that bugs me, since there is so flip side to that. One could write about cocktails with the least amount of calories, but they still wouldn't be healthy.

But the real point is this: I freaking love eggnog. Why doesn't everybody? Stop picking on my eggnog. Perhaps next year I'll start a campaign to repopularize the drink. I need a slogan for the campaign though- any suggestions?


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