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Hangovers has an informative and actually useful story on hangover helpers. Most articles on this subject suck, but the Traci Vogel pulls the science together with the urban legends.

Personally, I think Alka-Seltzer's Morning Relief is an excellent product, combining stomach-settling fizziness with headache-reducing aspirin and caffeine. I have a hard time tolerating coffee if I'm hungover but I'll have the caffeine headache without it. I do several of those other things too (greasy food, mostly) and I'm glad to see many of the cures I've improvised scientifically justified.

Obviously, prevention is the best cure. It's surprising how many people in the comments to the article say, "I tried drinking water the night before and it really helps!" I didn't realize this wasn't common knowledge. Maybe some liquor companies should mention this on their websites rather than the now-generic 'enjoy our product responsibly' tagline they all use.

Also, one thing very few articles mention (it's unseemly, I guess) is that having an orgasm really helps soothe a hangover. There, I said it.


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