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Rather than waiting for a tasting sample to be mailed to me, or going all the way to Alameda to buy it from the distillery, I decided to buy a bottle of St. George Absinthe Verte on its launch day.

(*update- It's 8:30 PM, and I just figured out today isn't Friday, the official launch day. I just got lucky that I found a bottle a day early.)

I went to D&M Wine and Liquors and plopped down my credit card without asking the price. (I thought it was $75 like it as at the distillery, or less.) I paid $97.64 including tax, which made it about $86 before tax.


In the spirit of investigative journalism I decided to make some phone calls to all the places that are supposed to be selling it.

At the distillery, they're charging $75 for it. They have 1600 bottles. No real limits on purchase amounts. (D&M had a one bottle per person limit.)

K&L Wine Merchants are sold out. They pre-sold all their supply.

The Jug Shop is sold out. (They were charging $69.99.)

Hi-Time wines aren't selling it until Friday. The phone person didn't know the price. It's not currently on their website. (I think they'll have 100 bottles to sell but I could be wrong on that.)

Wally's Wines (in LA) said they have 6 bottles left.

Long story short- if you want one from this batch, you had better go to the distillery Friday or Saturday.