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Up to my ears in tequila

I have three current assignments on tequila, which means I've been tasting a ton of it. Tequila is a tough category to write about for a few reasons. Each brand has a minimum of three expressions, but usually four or five, and then there is a bargain line produced by the same distillery. And unlike scotch, just because you like one brand expression is no indication that you'll like any of the others so you need to sample them all and pick and choose. Also, every time you write about tequila, you have to explain mixto, blanco, repo, anejo, extra, which takes up a lot of words that could be otherwise used to provide new information. And finally, tequila can be hard to learn about, as distilleries use different methodologies to make it, age expressions it for different amounts of time in different types of wood, and source agave from different regions. Much of this information doesn't make it onto the website so you have to track down the right person, which isn't usually the PR person but the brand manager or even master distiller.

That said, I find it all fascinating and I'm *loving* the work.

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