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January 2008

Island Life

On Friday I visited the exotic island of Alameda, CA. I met up with my pal Vanessa and Cameron Bogue, who was in town on his way to who-knows-where, and three of Cameron's friends. We first hit up the Hangar One/St. George Spirits distillery where we did the tasting and hung out with Distiller Dave and the tasting room crew. It was a hoot. I bought a shirt with the original St. George Absinthe Verte monkey on it- the one playing human skull instead of the one playing the cowbell that now dons the bottle label. Then we all squeezed... Read more →

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What's for breakfast?

Purely in the interest of alcademic research, I poured myself a tomato-based Michelada this morning. I did roughly equal parts beer and tomato juice, added lemon (because I was out of limes- how did this happen?) and Tabasco sauce. I realize this is hardly the same drink, but I figured it would put me in the ballpark. Well, I have to say the citrus and the hot sauce make the drink- just beer and tomato juice on its own is gross. I get the point of the drink- it's a beer Bloody Mary, light on alcohol with healthy juices- and... Read more →

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Bud and Clam

Wow. Get ready for pre-mixed Budweiser and Clamato Cheladas. (Read the press release here.) It sounds absolutely crazy, but the Chelada stands for Michelada, which is a popular drink in Mexico. There are two schools of Micheladas. One is with beer, lime juice, and Tabasco/Worcestershire sauce with a salted rim. That's the one I've most often read about and had in several bars in California and even in Mexico. The other type is this one, a beer Bloody Mary. I've only read about it but obviously it's popular enough that they produced a pre-mixed product and already test-marketed it before... Read more →

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Go Watch Wondrich

David Wondrich's appearance on Conan O'Brien is here. Go to the episode for Friday, Jan 11, and it's the fourth segment. It's pretty darn funny. Some quotes from Conan: "That is going down into my lungs right now, and eating them." "Why are you putting an egg in that drink?" "I don't like this drink but it looks cool." Labels: funny, video Read more →

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Video Bartender: Fun-to-Know: Drinks and Cocktail Mixing

I've Netflixed other DVDs in the Fun-to-Know series before, and some are pretty awful. The house cleaning tips, in particular, features sexy girls getting soapy and not really cleaning anything. Entertaining, yes. Educational, no. This one, Fun-to-Know: Drinks & Cocktail Mixing, did not feature sexy bartendresses covered in sticky grenadine, but bartender Thomas Bitler showing us how to make drinks. It's divided into sections on "mixed drinks," shooters, blender drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks. Most of the drinks he demonstrates are mind-numbingly simple- vodka tonics, gin and tonics, rum and Cokes, etc., that you need only read the name for the... Read more →

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Whisky oxidation

Oh John Hansell's blog, he discusses how the Sazerac 18-year old rye is different in each of three vintages. The first year's rye was from a different set of barrels, but the second two releases are the same batch of whiskey stored a year in stainless steel. According to the information sent to him, the only difference was that the whiskey sat in the tanks- with a large area exposed to oxygen- for a year. The difference between the two years is due to oxidation. That's all fine and interesting on its own, but should also act as a reminder... Read more →

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