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January 2008

It was just a matter of time...

Diet liquor will soon be hitting store shelves. Smirnoff Ice Light - Smirnoff Ice Light is the latest addition to the Smirnoff Ice line of flavored malt beverages, bringing together the top selling PAB brand with the fast-growing luxury light segment. One bottle contains only 110 calories and offers consumers a crisp tasting alternative to light beer. Available in six-packs and variety packs at the suggested retail price of $7.49; twelve-packs will also be available. Labels: news, products Read more →

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Vodka is Poison!

Usually when you read about poison vodka, it's some bad hooch sold illegally. Here's a case where it was done intentionally. Court told of poison vodka plot By Craig Woodhouse AN ENGLISHMAN sent poisoned vodka to public figures as part of a terrorist plot to force the British government out of Scotland, a court heard yesterday. Wayne Cook, 45, also threatened to kill English people "with no hesitation or compunction" by poisoning the water supply, Manchester Crown Court heard. Cook, of Robert Street, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, is charged with two counts of using noxious substances or things to cause harm... Read more →

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Absinthe sets

Someone wrote me: I scored a couple bottles of the local Absinthe at Swirl on Castro (cute little wine bar where the help will swill with you – great fun). I haven't cracked it open yet because I feel like really doing it justice and serving the classic way. Any advice on where to find the necessary gear?Good question. I imagine there is a total run on absinthe fountains right about now. I don't know offhand anyone selling them in San Francisco- please write in the comments if you do. But one store that sells them online is Bar Keeper... Read more →

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What a wild, wonderful year

This past year has been busy, crazy, and wonderful. I realize it's only been a little over a year since I started writing about cocktails and spirits full-time. That seems ludicrous, as I've learned so much since my first big feature in the SF Chronicle in October of 2006. And the thing is, I still don't feel like I know anything. That's great because I get bored easily and it will be a very long time before I am sick of this topic. Cheers to that. This year, I went on visits to the following distilleries/breweries: Canadian Mist (near Toronto)... Read more →

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