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Vodka is Poison!

Usually when you read about poison vodka, it's some bad hooch sold illegally. Here's a case where it was done intentionally.

Court told of poison vodka plot

AN ENGLISHMAN sent poisoned vodka to public figures as part of a terrorist plot to force the British government out of Scotland, a court heard yesterday.
Wayne Cook, 45, also threatened to kill English people "with no hesitation or compunction" by poisoning the water supply, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Cook, of Robert Street, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, is charged with two counts of using noxious substances or things to cause harm and intimidate, under the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001.

The unemployed father of three denies sending miniature vodka bottles filled with caustic soda to John Wright, a councillor in Lancashire, as well as Myra Philp, a Scots journalist, on 25 April, 2007, as part of a campaign by the Scottish National Liberation Army.

Paul Taylor, for the prosecution, told the court the caustic soda could have killed them.

Ms Philp's package was accompanied by a letter which told her the bottle was full of "lethal caustic soda".

It said poisoned items had been sent to political figures all over England and "we want to demonstrate our intent to kill English people at random".

It added: "This is necessary to convince the British government that we will lethally poison England's water supplies, if they do not withdraw totally from Scotland."

The case continues.

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