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What's for breakfast?

Purely in the interest of alcademic research, I poured myself a tomato-based Michelada this morning. I did roughly equal parts beer and tomato juice, added lemon (because I was out of limes- how did this happen?) and Tabasco sauce. I realize this is hardly the same drink, but I figured it would put me in the ballpark.

Well, I have to say the citrus and the hot sauce make the drink- just beer and tomato juice on its own is gross.

I get the point of the drink- it's a beer Bloody Mary, light on alcohol with healthy juices- and I wouldn't mind having one from time to time. It's more of a typical morning drink than the tomato-less version, which to me seems lighter and more festive and tropical. A beach drink for days with and without sunshine.

Anyway, I'm sorry that you're probably stuck in an office while I'm home enjoying a Michelada. If it helps, I enjoy the other version better.