Orson and onward
Pisco sour and the mint julep of destiny

A shifty bunch

Those bartenders, they never stay put.

If you've been in Bourbon & Branch, surely you've noticed Eric Johnson from Eastside West toiling behind the bar, and recently Thad Vogler of Jardiniere has been seen there too. When last we spoke he was just doing a few shifts a week while consulting.

Speaking of consulting, Dominic Venegas from bacar, B&B, Range, etc. will be consulting on the forthcoming project Gitane- but you've got a long wait until it opens in May(ish).

You'll have to wait forever to see Alberta Straub behind the stick in SF: She's moved to Brooklyn. Boo! Her cocktail show on On Networks continues.

And Josh Harris from Palmetto is doing time at (I think) Pier 23, filling in shifts at Elixir, and I already overheard one bar manager talking to another saying, "You should hire that guy!" It's not easy being popular.

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