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Cocktails at Epic

On Thursday I visited Epic Roasthouse, and not for the roast. I was there to try Camber Lay's cocktails.

The menu is divided into classics and Epic Originals, but even the classics have been upgraded with touches like key lime sugar on the rim of the Sidecar and gigantic house pickled cippolini onions in the Gibson.

In the original drinks section, my two favorites were the Copper Pot with Partida blanco, calvados, and apple juice, with a spiced pecan dust rim, and the surprisingly bright and aromatic Conversos, made with white pear tea-infused gin, Lillet, Chartreuse, and a lemon twist. The recipe was printed in the Chronicle a couple weeks ago.

I also had the old-world-esque Prohibition and the Fennel Gimlet (with fennel and citrus infused vodka). And though I didn't try it, there is almost no way to go wrong with the Farewell to Arms, made with Oronoco rum, grapefruit, vanilla, and key lime.

The drinks were delicious, but I caution people not to go between 6 and 10PM unless you're interested in big crowds and long waits behind people ordering "a dirty Grey Goose martini on the rocks." Ack. I got there at 4:30 and was the first person in the bar before happy hour rush. It was nice and breezy up until about 5:30. But then the crush came and it was difficult to squeeze through the room at all and the bartenders were so swamped it was painful to watch. So blow off work early or go for late night drinks because the comfy seats and beautiful views in the pictures are blocked by too many people during prime time.

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