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February 2008

Russian Vodka

The LA Times has a great story on Russian vodka. It mentions how it's traditionally served cold and neat, out of a thin shot-sized glass, and consumed with salty foods like smoked fish and pickles. When I was in Poland, we ran out of time to visit a dive bar in Warsaw where they serve you a shot and a pickle as a package deal. Apparently you hold the shot between your thumb and index finger, and the the pickle between your ring finger and pinkie in the same hand, biting off the pickle as you go. I think I'm... Read more →

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Robert Simonson wrestles with the question: Is Canton Ginger Liqueur too easy to like? As I sipped it and mixed it and enjoyed it, I started thinking: this is too unproblematic. It began to remind me of the reaction I get when I drink St. Germain, the wonderful elderflower liqueur that is also quite new on the market and which I adore. But I'm always a bit suspicious about how utterly appealing it is to my and all other palates, and I feel the same about Canton. It's like that old line: Never trust anyone who doesn't have any enemies.... Read more →

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The Drammies

Kevin Erskine's Scotch Blog has the results of his annual Drammie Awards. Particularly worth seeking out for folks like me are the winners of the Bang for the Buck and Most Under-Rated Whisky categories. I was surprised to see how much people hated the Canadian Club "Damn right your dad drank it" campaign. I kinda like it, and am wondering if people are just calling it misogynistic because they don't like the brand. (P.S. Did you see Clontarf's new ads? Pandering, but also hot. Let's see if they make next year's list.) I thought the Glenmorangie repackaging was a shoe-in... Read more →

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Tom Ford sets a poor example

I recall reading a quote from Tom Ford saying he only drinks vodka sodas because they're less caloric than other cocktails. Apparently he's now trying to push his lifestyle choice on us all. Don't fall prey to fashion's ugly subliminal messages! On closer inspection, there's no ice in that drink. I guess we see what we want to see. Labels: ads, funny Read more →

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Slate has a thorough article on the carbon footprint of orange juice, in a story on deciding whether frozen or fresh from the carton juice is more eco-friendly. In the end, not-from-concentrate orange juice sold by the carton comes out slightly ahead of frozen OJ sold by the canister in terms of energy use. As a green consumer, your worst choice would be to buy juice that's been rehydrated by the supplier, then placed in cartons (such as Minute Maid Original). If you prefer juice from concentrate, whether for the lower price or more Tang-y taste, it's better to rehydrate... Read more →

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Rejoice, Ye Lovers of Falernum

Good news for tiki freaks and other lovers of falernum: The John D. Taylor Velvet Falernum brand will once again be imported into the US. This lost-found-lost again ingredient is a lime, almond, and clove liqueur made in Barbados. Something happened with the importer or distributor this fall and it was no longer available until a new importer agreed to bring it in. And who might that importer be? Eric Seed of Haus Alpenz, who listened to the strained cries of bartenders from coast to coast asking him to get it. You'll remember Seed as the guy who reintroduced Creme... Read more →

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