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Tales website getting into shape

The Tales of the Cocktail 2008 website is finally shaping up, and now has a gallery of presenters and special guests. It is gallery of sexy, sexy people; most especially me. I am one of those presenters, giving a talk with Jeffrey Lindenmuth on "Regional American Cocktails." Are you coming to see me?

Here is my bio:

Camper English is a freelance cocktails and spirits writer for publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, Wine & Spirits, and Best Life, as well as the cocktail blog He has covered everything from urban moonshiners to drinks with maple syrup. His work has taken him to places like Warsaw (vodka), Barbados (rum), and Mexico (tequila), though he most enjoys the cities where they can mix a mean drink at happy hour. He is oddly obsessed with distillery waste product recycling and cocktails with black pepper.


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