Tom Ford sets a poor example

The Drammies

Kevin Erskine's Scotch Blog has the results of his annual Drammie Awards. Particularly worth seeking out for folks like me are the winners of the Bang for the Buck and Most Under-Rated Whisky categories.

I was surprised to see how much people hated the Canadian Club "Damn right your dad drank it" campaign. I kinda like it, and am wondering if people are just calling it misogynistic because they don't like the brand. (P.S. Did you see Clontarf's new ads? Pandering, but also hot. Let's see if they make next year's list.)

I thought the Glenmorangie repackaging was a shoe-in for the Worst Marketing Campaign. I was out drinking the other night and saw they had the pre-change line of Glenmorangie wood finishes. It was nice to ask which ones they had and get answers like "port" and "sherry" instead of "Lasanta" and "Quinta Ruban." Say what?


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