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March 2008

Tiki taking over?

Now that they're serving tiki drinks in New York, the rest of the country can read about the trend. At Elettaria they're serving a few tiki cocktails including the Navy Grog and Zombie, the Rusty Knot is some kind of tiki dive, and DISCUS threw a tiki party that was reported on all the blogs. Out west, the Teardrop Lounge in Portland is doing Tiki Third Tuesday with a whole list of drinks just for the night- dang that's a lot of work! In San Francisco, a busload of bartenders went to Forbidden Island on Monday for a Rhum Clement... Read more →

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SF Spirits Competition Winners

Taken from the press release, here are winners of the SF World Spirits Competition for 2008: "Best in Show-White," Weber Haus, Silver Cachaca, Brazil, "Best in Show-Whisk(e)y" Highland Park, 12-year-old Single Malt Scotch, "Best in Show-Brandy," Loujan, 1979 Armagnac, Bas Armagnac, France "Best in Show-Liqueur" Domaine de Canton, Ginger Liqueur, France "Top Absinthe" Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe "Top Vodka," Snow Queen Vodka "Top Gin" Plymouth Gin "Best Rum" Matusalem Rum "Top Tequila" AsomBroso Silver Tequila "Top Reposado Tequila" El Tesoro "Top Anejo Tequila" Siete Leguas "Top Extra-Aged Anejo Tequila" Don Julio "Top Irish Whiskey" Jameson, Rare Vintage Irish Whiskey "Top North... Read more →

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Sponsored Post:: A source for absinthe

The following post is sponsored by Buy Absinthe Alcohol. Absinthe may be legally sold in the US if it contains less than 10 parts per million of thujone and is approved by the United States TTB. This is the same as 10 mg/kg, which, according to Wikipedia, is the legal limit in the European Union of thujone in spirits above 25% ABV. According to the website Buy Absinthe Alcohol, they sell only absinthe with limits of "35mg/lt for bitters and 10mg/lt for spirits." One liter of water weights 1kg, so the absinthes (not the bitters) appear to come under the... Read more →

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Vodka hot spot:: Long Island

The New York Times reports on LiV, or Long Island Vodka, which will be released in a month. They're making the product from locally-grown potatoes; "the Long Island variety known as Marcy, which was originally developed for making potato chips." Hamptons Vodka is also made on Long Island, but from Minnesota corn. Labels: vodka Read more →

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Absinthe: Hot or not?

In today's SF Chronicle Stacy Finz has a story on absinthe- will it outlive it's 15 minutes of fame? In it she lists some of the others coming to market. The Swiss Kubler and French Lucid brands began distribution in the United States shortly after the absinthe ban was lifted last year. There are at least five more awaiting authorization from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau including Trillium, an absinthe being made in Portland, Ore. Gwydion Stone, an absinthe expert who founded the Wormwood Society, a nationwide club for lovers of the spirit, has teamed up with... Read more →

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