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May 2008

Scotland Day Six: Macallan and no bagpipes

I was on a roll there with two bagpipe days back to back, but alas, the trend didn't continue. On our sixth distillery day, we drove from Inverness to Craigellachie. On the way there, we stopped in Elgin to visit Johnston's cashmere center, a huge wool and cashmere factory where they sew scarves for Burberry, Chanel, and other brands, in addition to their own. The tour was surprisingly cool and I even found things to purchase in the large gift shop- books. Then we popped in to a supermarket and I headed straight for the liquor aisle. I found Pimm's... Read more →

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Cocktails = vacation relaxation

Here's another ad equating cocktails with relaxation and vacation. It's not the first time we've seen an airline promote cocktails, and the cruise lines are into it also. And blue seems to be a popular cocktail color in ads these days. I suppose the cocktail has undergone a symbolic status change. In the 2000 Sex in the City cosmopolitan era, cocktails symbolized going out and having fun. Nowadays, they seem promoted more like a luxury relaxation symbol, akin to the "woman in a spa with a hair wrap" or "dude on a lush golf course" image in ads. Labels: ads,... Read more →

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Scotland Day Five: Glenmorangie and the fancy hotel

Pipercount: 3! On the fifth day of our trip, we headed to the Glenmorangie distillery. They use the tallest stills in Scotland, as the original one was a former gin still. The taller the stills, the lighter the particles have to be to reach the top during distillation, and the resulting scotch has a lighter, more floral character than the heavier, oilier ones from lower stills. We had a lovely barrel tasting of some Glenmorangie that was first aged ten years in an ex-bourbon cask, then an additional seven in a sherry cask. (The finished whisky line by Glenmorangie is... Read more →

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Scotland Day Four: Pipercount- Two!

I started the morning at 5AM catching up on live blogging Scotland. Then I had a walk past Huntly castle and the adorable town of Huntly. It reminded me of towns in Napa and Sonoma in a way, in that it's all cute all-too clean small-town goodness, except in this case it's 400 or so years old and not created by some entrepreneurial developer. We drove to the Ardmore distillery, which has a relatively new single malt on the market despite folks distilling whisky there for many years. It's one of the primary single-malts in Teacher's Highland Cream, which is... Read more →

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Bong Souvenir

Bong Su restaurant has produced mini recipe booklets as souvenirs featuring their cocktails. I'm not sure when they're available and whether or not they're free, but they do intend to make them available to the public. I think this is a great idea- it reminds visitors of where they got that great drink they liked, and allows them to (try to) make it at home. And they did a nice job with these booklets- they're spiral bound with thick laminated pages. And chances are, they were made at a discount. Brands used in the recipes are listed as sponsors on... Read more →

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