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Scotland Day One- Bagpipe count: 1

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of bagpipes involved on this press trip. When I went to Mexico on a tequila trip we had one to three different mariachi groups per day. I think it's gonna be like that with bagpipes, which are just as loud, but at least there's no singing.

Whoops- scratch that. We had a singing Scotch harpist at dinner. But she was soft and gentle, like the rolling heathered hills of Dunkeld.

The folks at the Aberfeldy distillery (Aberfeldy single malt is the main flavor component of Dewar's blended scotch whisky) claim that the soft and gentle countryside is reflected in their spirit, which has a heather-honey aspect to it, no real burn to speak of, and a dry, sandalwood with a touch of peat finish. Does whisky reflect terroir, or is this just convenient? We'll see.

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