Scotland Day Seven: The real post
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Scotland Day Eight: Edinburgh and the castle

We had a nearly four hour drive from Speyside to Edinburgh for our last day on the trip, but it wasn't drama-free by any means. Once again, the back door of the van popped open while we were going down the highway and two peoples' luggage fell out. I watched as one tumbled behind our bus and was run over by the truck behind us. The suitcase was ruined and the guy's laptop's screen was cracked, but the bottle of Pimm's No. 3 and the Linn House bottling of 35 year-old scotch survived intact. Hooray!

We stayed at the huge and impressive Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh, but I didn't spend more than 20 minutes awake in the room. I had bars to see! My drinking pal for the day was Bill Dowd, and we stopped into about 7 venues in three hours. Not bad. I'll have to reserve the write-up on those for a future story, but I loved Oloroso and Tonic most of all.

Back in the room for a quick change into the first suit jacket I've owned since First Communion (50 bucks at H&M), I was ready for a private dinner in Edinburgh Castle. Several of the distillers and blenders from earlier in the week joined us, and it was like everything else in the week: ultra-fancy. The people at Old Pulteney were kind enough to contribute some 31 year-old scotch for us to drink at dinner and at the after-party at the Balmoral Hotel.

It was almost a beautiful ending to a fantastic (and educational) trip, but alas, the trip home was not-so-fab. The combination of Delta and JFK airport caused delays, a missed connection, a night in New York, sleeping on a friend's floor, and an early next-day flight 15 hours later than I was supposed to be home.

Luckily when I arrived there, there was a bottle of scotch that had been delivered waiting for me.

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