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Scotland Day Six: Macallan and no bagpipes

I was on a roll there with two bagpipe days back to back, but alas, the trend didn't continue. On our sixth distillery day, we drove from Inverness to Craigellachie. On the way there, we stopped in Elgin to visit Johnston's cashmere center, a huge wool and cashmere factory where they sew scarves for Burberry, Chanel, and other brands, in addition to their own. The tour was surprisingly cool and I even found things to purchase in the large gift shop- books.

Then we popped in to a supermarket and I headed straight for the liquor aisle. I found Pimm's Winter, a.k.a. Pimm's No. 3 Cup with the brandy base. Wahoo!

Off we went to Macallan for a tour. At each distillery, there is a combination of old and new technology present since most of them have been around for at least a hundred years. Much of the equipment lasts for up to five decades, so what's been replaced lately is rather variable. I was surprised to find Macallan a very modern distillery. I guess I believed the brand messaging story a bit too much.

Macallan has an incredible "wood expreience" exhibit as part of the tour. It's not like a museum where there is a lot of text and you lead yourself through it, but rather the tour guide takes you through and tells you what you're about to learn at each point. There is information on types of wood, sizes of barrels, color in whisky, a smell area with different substances in jars to identify, and other stuff. Interestingly, despite this nice big exhibit they try to keep the number of tour visitors down, not accepting large busses, and only doing about 6, 10-person tours a day in the high season.

For dinner and overnight, we stayed at the Easter Elchies house. It's the house on the Macallan label, built in 1700. I stayed in the room on the top right on the label, so now every time I drink Macallan it will be like looking at a postcard from my trip. Score.

We have just one distillery left to visit, and I'm already feeling separation anxiety from Scotland. I freaking love this place.

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