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The Bar Coat Hook Hall of Shame

5/1/08 update: Fish and Farm has a great homemade cocktail ingredient program, but alas, nowhere to hang your jacket at the bar. They've been added to the Hall of Shame. --

Every bar top should have coat hooks beneath it. That way you don't have to try to hang your jacket off your bar stool under your butt, having it slip off half the time and getting dirty when you put your feet up.

Bar hooks seem like such a simple and necessary bar element, like toilet paper in the bathrooms or lemons in the garnish tray, yet there are many places that have not installed them. I'm constantly running my hands along the underside of bars feeling for the hooks and getting nothing but gum and boogers. This has to end!

It is up to us to shame these establishments into installing coat hooks. Together we can make a difference! Thus I present to you:

The Bar Hook Hall of Shame (add your nominees in the comments and I'll expand the list here)
  • Fish and Farm (added 4/18/08)
  • The Transfer
  • The Pilsner Inn
  • Colibri Mexican Bistro
9/25/06 Congratulations to Bourbon & Branch, the first bar to be removed from the Bar Coat Hook Hall of Shame by finally installing their hooks.

5/1/07 I went to check out Etiquette Lounge where they had no coat hooks, and they admitted to not having them at their other venue Element Lounge either.

5/15/07 Congratulations to Rye, where they finally installed coat hooks and made the bar a more comfortable experience for us all.

5/1/07 I have decided to drop Etiquette and Element Lounge from the Hall of Shame, as they're not really venues where you sit at the bar. Nightclubs do not need coat hooks.

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