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One more stop on the downtown cocktail circuit

The JW Marriott on Post Street relaunched their restaurant/lounge, now called Level III, with cocktails created by H. Ehrmann of Elixir. The drinks, which I've posted below (as the website has it as a PDF), look really light, floral, and likely to go down easy.

Also, importantly, this is a new bar on the downtown drinking circuit. You can hit Level III on your way to Bourbon & Branch, Cantina, Rye, and other spots off Union Square. For someone who doesn't work or shop downtown, I sure spend a lot of time there.

emperor norton’s mistress
(seasonal – summer)
we’re sure this seasonal fruit refreshment would have been one of the emperor’s “decrees.”
knob creek bourbon, muddled strawberries, navan, and cointreau are combined and served tall, over ice with a luscious strawberry.

harvey milk punch (3 levels)
san francisco’s version of the big easy classic.
select your grand marnier
• level 1 – cordon rouge
• level 2 – cuvee de centenaire
• level 3- cuvee du cent-cinquantenaire
navan, organic milk; rolled and served over ice with a dusting of fresh nutmeg and fresh cinnamon.

the bank exchange punch
duncan nicol, an early san francisco mixologist, only allowed patrons two of his famous cocktail…
and for good reason.
barsol pisco quebranta, st. elizabeth allspice dram, pineapple gomme, distilled water, and fresh lemon juice are shaken and served up with a pineapple chunk.

we bet you’ll go willingly on this chinese journey.
square one cucumber, canton ginger, and organic lemongrass syrup, shaken and served up with an english cucumber slice on the rim.

the portman cosmafornian
leave it to san francisco to re-imagine and elevate the traditional berry flavor found in the wildly
popular cocktail.
level vodka, plymouth sloe gin, lime foam.

sunset on dunnigan
citrus and floral notes characterize this nod to the wine country.
damrak gin, sauvignon blanc, and st. germain are combined, shaken and served up with a grapefruit twist.

the summer of love
wait for the memories of 1967 to come rushing back with just one sip.
hangar one mandarin blossom vodka, rose water syrup, lillet blanc and chambord are combined and served up with a lemon zest rose.

golden gate fog
get lost in the flavors, not the “fog” that envelops this drink.
white peach puree, muddled mint, rhum clement creole schrubb, and lime juice are stirred, poured over ice, and topped with “fog” - a louche of kubler absinthe - and a mint sprig.

dirty harry
luck’s got nothing to do with this cherry-flavored concoction.
rittenhouse 100 rye, carpano antica, luxardo maraschino and a la fee absinthe rinse is stirred and served up with a house-made maraschino cherry.

cable car no.2
unique, latin flavor pairings differentiate this version from the classic.
4 copas organic añejo tequila, rhum clement creole schrubb, and lemon juice are shaken and served up with a ghirardelli cocoa and ancho chili powder rim.

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