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June 2008

Glossy Booze- late June edition

Here's a round-up of booze stories in the magazines that come to my house. - Esquire (July)- Looks like David Wondrich got the month off! No booze stories. - Details (June/July) - Rob Willey bucks the usual trends with a story on summer red wines (but with a sidebar on sangria), then writes a feature on summer cocktails, including the Americano, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Mojito (with ugly looking mint- again!), Tom Collins, and the Pimm's Cup. - Sunset (June) has a story on pairing sparkling wine with food- including deviled eggs and hot dogs! - Playboy (July) has a... Read more →

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How's THIS for luxury?

When you take a Celebrity cruise, you too will be handed a 12-ounce martini with six olives to help warm it up and make it taste like the salty ocean over which you're boating. Decadent! Sometimes too much of a good thing is not such a good thing. This is yet another ad in the cocktails = vacation theme I've been tracking here on Alcademics. They just keep coming! Labels: ads Read more →

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Getting kinda tired packing and unpacking...

Oh, the day before travel. It's always the same- stuffing bubblewrap into your suitcase so you can bring bottles home, watering the houseplants, and muddling all the leftover produce into cocktails. (I no longer muddle the houseplants.) I've got the routine down by now. Last night I enjoyed a lemon gin cucanectartini that was a delicious send-off to my next destination: London. Wahoo! Labels: travel, writing_life Read more →

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Reading material

- A nice summary of micro-distilling in Oregon. They have 17 micro-distilleries already! The article also alerted me to a surely fine Oregon product called Bu-Tay vodka, which comes in regular and blue. It's hard to beat their tagline: "Make Bu-Tay Your Call." - Eric Felten rediscovers the Twentieth Century cocktail, and an annual celebration of the drink by train (and Sherlock Holmes) enthusiasts. - The "Richard Branson of India," Vijay Mallya, announced a patent on diet vodka and diet whisky. Approximately .0002 seconds later, the Scotch Whisky Association announced "that ain't no whisky." - This article from Plenty Magazine... Read more →

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Note for the next heat wave

Cantina has air conditioning. Unfortunately that was only the first stop on a bar crawl to show my pal Ana from New York around to the new cocktail bars that have opened since she was last here. After a quick refresher at Cantina we hit Rye, where we sat in the outdoorish smoking patio hoping for a stray breeze, but no such luck was had. A drink was had instead. Then off we went to Bourbon & Branch where it wasn't as stifling as it can be in there, so I felt lucky. Joel Baker made me a repeat of... Read more →

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Chartreuse on the loose

This week I helped judge a Chartreuse cocktail competition- tough job! Bartenders love making cocktails with the stuff, and I love drinking said cocktails. With my fellow judges Johnny Raglin of Absinthe and Carlos Yturria of Bacar/Grand Pu Bah I think we were in complete agreement with our top choices. Joel Baker of Bourbon & Branch made a phenomenal drink with Yellow Chartreuse, Manzanilla sherry, lemon, peach, and basil, but unfortunately he lost points for going past the time limit (such a perfectionist). Steven Liles of (is it Boulevard?) combined Yellow Chartreuse, St. Germain, gin, lemon, sugar, and cucumber with... Read more →

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