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June 2008

Age your own darn whiskey

This is silly but I love it. Monterey Rye Spirits will sell you ten bottles of new-make rye whiskey and a mini 2-gallon barrel in which to age it. They say that after just three months, you'll have aged whiskey. I can't imagine that it would be very good, but it'll be the hit of your self-made Sazerac party. It's kind of like growing your own tomatoes- you can buy the baby plants and pots and soil and plant food, or just go to the store and grab a tomato for 1/5th the price. And if you're even lazier than... Read more →

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Attempted bribery

Well, it finally happened. I received cash in the mail the other day from a liquor company. It's about time! I've been waiting for a bribe for years here at Alcademics, with my fingers hovering over the "Best Product Evar!!" keys. There's a reason you don't see an ethics policy listed on this website, and that's because I don't have any ethics. Wine me, dine me, send me flowers- I'm easy. I just wish they had made it easier to get at the money. They put the five-pound note behind glass. I think it's glued on a piece of cardboard,... Read more →

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10 Trendsetting Mixologists

In various editions of the Beverage Network's magazines, I have the cover story on 10 Trendsetting Mixologists from across the country. I interviewed my picks at the Navan/Grand Marnier Mixology Summit this spring. This year’s batch of bartenders to watch have more in common than a penchant for inventing and shaking up tasty cocktails. They’re using fresh and often local ingredients, adding savory herbs to drinks, and making sure the execution of each cocktail is consistently stellar. These standout mixologists, some with impressive training under their belt, some the winners of national and international cocktail challenges, are also quite influential,... Read more →

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Welcome home, Camper

While other people on the press trips I take start missing their spouses, family, and pets after a few days, I have none of those things and am always glad to be out of the one-bedroom apartment where I spend most of my waking and sleeping hours. I could stay traveling forever. That said, sometimes I do get a welcome greeting on my return, from all the packages UPS and FedEx has been unable to deliver in my absence. The day after I returned from Spain and France, I had seven packages containing mostly delicious booze. Welcome back, Camper! Labels:... Read more →

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Form of: An ice luge! Shape of: umm...

The website copy reads: Lugez is proud to present our first product that is guaranteed to make your mouth drop. This penis is not just for looks…..it has function. Pour a shot at the top and drink at the tip. After that you got yourself an ice luge party penis that gets you drunk. Lugez is a fantastic addition to all wild bachelorette parties and adult party games that are willing to go the extra step to add something special to their party. And now bachelorettes don’t have to feel guilty about getting friendly with a foreign penis one last... Read more →

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Gin + Dinner = Ginner

Orson in San Francisco is hosting a Gin and Stone pairing dinner on June 11 to celebrate fresh stone fruit. (Gin you can celebrate all year round.) I've seen dinner pairings with bourbon, rum, absinthe, and even vodka, but this is the first gin and food pairing I've noticed. Check out the menu here. Labels: events, food, gin, SanFrancisco Read more →

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