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avocado cocktails

The NYTimes reports on an avocado cocktail (with mescal) on the menu at Macondo in New York, an outpost of Rayuela. They also list a few other avocado drinks around the country:
Several years ago, Lucy Brennan, the owner of Mint and 820 Lounge in Portland, Ore., noticed the similarities between avocados and bananas while mixing a banana daiquiri, and created an avocado daiquiri that remains on the menu. Avocado margaritas dot Texas cocktail lists. And Dale DeGroff, the author and former Rainbow Room bartender, devised a frozen tequila-based avocado drink five years ago.
Along with the trend of putting drinks into food form- gelatin cocktails and molecular mixology- many bartenders like these folks are putting food into drink form. Bacon, avocados, dehydrated fruit, etc. It's like a big exchange of chewables and drinkables is sweeping the nation.


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