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Glossy Booze- late July edition

From the glossy magazines that cross my desk...

This month, nearly every magazine had one story on Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, one story relating to the Mad Men television show, and an ad for Bombay Sapphire. Odd.

Food & Wine (August) lists of eco-friendly spirits with which to mix.

Playboy (August) reports on a table-top beer tap that records how much you drink from it an bills you accordingly.

Sunset (August) has a memorial to Robert Mondavi, and as part of their One Block Feast series made their own wine and brewed their own beer (pdf file)- which included growing hops. Additionally, they made salt from seawater, which I think would be a very cool addition to the organic margaritas people are making (if seawater is safe).

Men's Vogue (August) has a fluffy story on Brunellogate, with a pretty great illustration.

Men's Journal lists some recommended Alsatian wines.


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