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July 2008

The Tales end

I'm home from Tales of the Cocktail, the annual cocktail convention in New Orleans. This year was fast and confusing and pretty great, and I think it will take me a few days to process it all. I don't really go for the partying that happens at night, as I can do that every day in San Francisco, but for the lectures during the day. Some of the talk highlights for me were: The Sagatiba cachaca tasting room session by Jared Brown and Anistasia Miller, in which they talked about several of their new incredibly exciting (you know, to drink... Read more →

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Glossy Booze- Mid July Edition

- Paul Clarke's article on quinquinas- quinine-based drinks created to prevent malaria- is up on Imbibe Magazine's website. Also in the issue is a guide to the world's teas (online here), a story on liqueurs, a guide to drinking (mostly genever) in Amsterdam, an interview with a rum maker in whisky country, a tour of American beer styles, and a recipe for homemade Orgeat. - 944 Magazine, San Francisco edition has one story on Clock Bar that ruffled some feathers, and a story by H. Joseph Ehrmann of Elixir on creating the Harvey Milk Punch on the menu at Level... Read more →

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Where gadget nerds and drink nerds meet

CocktailDB, the most accurate and nerdly online drink database, has launched an iPhone application called simply "Cocktails" with 1600 cocktail recipes. The cocktails are searchable, favorite-able, and include bibliographic information on what book they came from in what year. You can also forward a recipe to a friend or Twitter what you're currently drinking. The only thing it doesn't have is the ability to add new ones to your personal database. Cocktail 2.0? I finally upgraded my old iPhone to have the App Store, so this was my first purchase. The best part about it is that it only costs... Read more →

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Right on time

Last night was the pre-opening event for Clock Bar in San Francisco's Union Square. As if to prove they can do the impossible on opening night, they served all 32 drinks from the menu to anyone who asked. So that statement about them not being ready for a month- consider it rescinded. In other exciting news, the bar opens at 4PM according to the website, so you can skip out of work early and beat the happy hour crowds. Labels: bars, SanFrancisco Read more →

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