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GQ Magazine came out with a list of the 20 Best Cocktails in America in a nice big spread in the magazine. Four of them come from San Francisco bars- Elixir, Range, Beretta (pictured), and the Buena Vista.

Unfortunately, the selections nationally are a bit inconsistent. Some of the picks are based on the bar or drink's history, some on the bar's location, some on the bar's vibe, and some on picking a great drink from a notable bartender like Eben Freeman and Audrey Saunders. Though they may all be good drinks to have in specific bars, I wouldn't say these the 20 best cocktails in America.

I think it would help if one person wrote the story next year for consistency's sake, instead of a lot of different writers. Someone who has been to eight states and nine countries pursuing good drinks in the last year. Someone who speaks with bartenders all over the country for stories. Someone not afraid to drink himself smart. Know anybody like that?

Wait, did I just turn a blog entry congratulating local bars on their placement in GQ into a job application? I guess I should also hope they're looking for a writer who is completely shameless.

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