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The taste of Los Angeles

I'd heard that Absolut was launching a Los Angeles-inspired flavor to add to their line of city-specific flavors that began with Absolut New Orleans (mango and pepper) last year. It made me wonder, what is the flavor of LA?

I finally received the press release. Los Angeles tastes like "an all-natural symphony of blueberry, acai berry, acerola cherry, and fruity notes of pomegranate."

I'm gonna say that's totally appropriate. After all, LA made pomegranate juice popular across the country when celebrities started drinking POM, and acai is another one of those "miracle" antioxidant foods along with blueberries. People in LA love healthy-sounding foods they don't have to think about.

The joke, of course, is that LA-flavored vodka should like like self-tanner and smog. Here are some recommendations for future flavors.

Absolut San Francisco: Bananas and patchouli

Absolut New York: Mahogany and asphalt

Absolut Albuquerque: Salt and lime

Absolut Chicago: Mustard

Absolut Miami: Cologne and hair spray

Absolut San Diego: (unflavored)

Absolut Anchorage: Oil and salmon

Absolut DC: Shellac and horse poop

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