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It's important to have a cheesy clock-related title for all writing about the Clock Bar. DailyCandy chose "Ticking Clock" and Thrillist used "Clocked and Loaded." I fully support this movement.

Anyway, good news on the Clock Bar front. Marcovaldo Dionysis has been named Head Bartender, and they put his name right there front-and-center on the drink menu. Excellent recovery from the earlier snafus.

The menu has two of Marco's famous creations, the Ginger Rogers and the Chartreuse Swizzle, along with some great-sounding new drinks and many classics including the Bramble, Dark n Stormy, Hemingway Daiquiri, Last Word, Mary Pickford, and Pegu. The menu is viewable on the website.

The signature cocktail is now the St. Francis Cocktail- a gin martini made with Junipero. There's a theory that the St. Francis was the first place to use the olive as garnish in a martini, so they did a good job on the historic tie-in.

The drink menu has 32 drinks on it, which is hugely ambitious given the turn-around time since Marco took over. I'm going to a press preview of the spot tonight (it officially opens Tuesday), but I'd recommend waiting a month or so for consumers- with a menu that big, there are bound to be some consistency issues.

Still, now there is a reason to be excited about the Clock Bar opening. I hope it turns out great, but I guess only time will tell.

(How's THAT for cheesy sign-off?)

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