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August 2008

iPhone app showdown: Beer vs. Wine vs. Cocktails

I wanted to see what booze applications were available for the iPhone so I searched for beer, wine, and cocktails. Under cocktails, a whopping four applications came up. They all list recipes, and that's it. The coolest looking one with pictures of the drinks is in German. It's a fairly disappointing selection. There should be virtual cocktail shakers and lime squeezers and conversion calculators between metric and standard just pretty pictures of drinks. Alas. But the wine section is worse. Most of the items that came up in the search aren't actually wine applications. The ones that are are all... Read more →

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Glossy Booze: late-August edition

944 Magazine (August, SF edition) has a story on the Press Club and biodynamic wine. Playboy (September) has a recipe for The Democrat, which they say is the "house cocktail at San Francisco's Bourbon & Branch." Details praises the "Obscure cocktail" including the Last Word (from the Hotel Delmano in NYC), Jack Rose (from the Eastern Standard in Boston), Old Pal (from the Zig Zag Cafe in Seattle), and Vieux Carre (from the Alembic in San Francisco). 7X7 (August) not only has Jordan Mackay's bartender story, they also have a graphic on the Anatomy of a Dive Bar. Read more →

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SF new cocktail menus

I love that every new restaurant comes with a new cocktail menu to try out. Here are three of them that just have or are just about to open, with their full drink menus listed after the jump. Miss Pearl's Jamhouse. The restaurant once located at the Phoenix Hotel (now Bambuddah Lounge, previously Backflip) will reopen in Jack London Square in Oakland in mid-August. The menu is rum, rum, and more rum in fun tropical drinks like the Bushwacker, Pusser's Painkiller, and even Jell-O shots. Zare at Fly Trap. The classic restaurant has reopened with food that "reflects the culinary... Read more →

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He blended me with science

Blair from GoodSpiritsNews (a great place for booze links, cocktail contests, and events, by the way) was inspired by a post on Alcademics to test out an ultra-sonic cocktail shaker. So he busted out the jewelry cleaner and loaded it with gin, vodka, bitters, and even ice made from purified water. The conclusion? "It doesn't do a thing. Apparently you need physical movement to blend gin and vermouth. " Well, at least now we know. Read more →

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Paul Clarke has a big article in the SF Chronicle about vermouth. My favorite part was the history, most of which I didn't know: Vermouth's commercial origins date to 1786, when Antonio Benedetto Carpano began marketing the aromatized wine he produced in Turin, but the consumption of vermouth and its precursors stretches back centuries. Typically made from neutral-character dry white wines that have been flavored with herbs, roots and barks - typically including cardamom, cinnamon, marjoram and chamomile - and then fortified with a neutral grape spirit, vermouth is classically made - and named - for another botanical: wormwood (the... Read more →

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SF trend: Happy hour is back

Just a couple of months ago I wrote in San Francisco Magazine that very few high-end cocktail venues offered any happy hour discounts at all. (Here is my list of them that do.) Now venues are launching discount programs left and right, though mostly on food. Here are some that I've noticed: - Level III to in Union Square launched a new happy hour program, offered Monday through Friday, from 4pm7pm. Guests can order a choice of three reds, three whites, three cocktails and three bar nibbles at 50% off. [next three via UrbanDaddy] Jack Falstaff Five is the magic... Read more →

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