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PlanterspunchIn last week's Wall Street Journal story on the Planter's Punch, Eric Felten wrote of the accolades it received in the press. One such quote was:

In July 1906, the Washington Post recommended Planter's Punch as "something cool, something novel enough to excite interest, and above all something that will quench thirst."

In my insomniatic state, I read that as "something novel enough to excite incest," which would be one heck of an endorsement.

I love how tiki bar menus usually come with a description like, "The Monkey Cooler will have you swinging from the trees- have two and you'll go bananas!" It would be funny (in the how-to-run-your-bar-into-the-ground sort of way) if a place labeled their menu along the lines of my misreading of the Planter's Punch recipe, like :

  • The Goggle: Lock up your sister, because this drink will make any woman irresistible!
  • The Smoker: A cocktail so high in proof, you can dowse your neighbor with it and light him on fire!
  • The Bull Lima: A cream-and-pisco drink you can take by the horns- it tastes as good going down as it does coming back up!
  • Pousse Galore: A layered drink that will have you licking your cat!

This post may not seem as funny when I wake up in the morning.

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