Homework for the weekend
Floral, $28 cocktails at Apotheke in NYC

Cocktails worthy of a trip to Nicaragua

A few weeks ago, Todd Smith and Luis Sivira won trips to Nicaragua as part of Flor de Cana's cocktail contest in San Francisco. Sweet. Here are the recipes for the drinks that won.

Cafe de Caña
by Todd Smith, Beretta Restaurant
1.5oz. Flor de Caña 18 year rum
1oz. fresh lemon
.75oz. Averna Amaro
.5oz. honey
.5oz. egg white (optional)
Garnish: "Coffee dirt" (ground Nicaraguan coffee beans & dark cane sugar)
Method: Combine ingredients in mixing tin, shake hard. Serve in well
chilled cocktail glass top with "coffee dirt." If no egg white is used rim
1/2 of glass with "coffee dirt"

Caña Brava
by Luis Sivira, Metro Lafayette
2oz.  Flor De Caña   18 yrs.  rum
1/2  oz. Sugar cane syrup
1oz. White cranberry juice
1 oz. Fresh Orange juice
Splash  Campari
2 Orange wedges.
Shake all ingredients (including orange wedges)  with ice and serve up in
cocktail glass.


Congratulations, and remember to smile next time- you're going to Nicaragua you lucky bastards!

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