The bar at La Mar
Cocktails worthy of a trip to Nicaragua

Homework for the weekend

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A travel story on seeking the best vodka in Warsaw. has a quiz on the lady lushes of television. (Answer is here.)

Lauren Clark writes about breaking up with your favorite beer. I've had that happen with booze. I love St. Germain but I'm no longer in love with it.

Le Mixeur lists a whole bunch of recipes with my favorite ingredient: Vinegar! VinegarWatch continues...

The Underhill Lounge geeks out on why Savoy Cocktail Book drinks aren't very bitter.

Chuck Cowdery gets all up in your grill about micro-distillers who are not craft distillers.

Matt Rowley lists about a zillion synonyms for "drunk." I like "tangle-footed," because it would be impossible to enunciate while still in that condition.

Get Camper's Book: Tonic Water AKA G&T WTF.