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Who's the tallest of them all

I would like to organize my liquor cabinets (I'm up to six now) by spirit, but that's just not possible anymore. Not because I have so many of each, but because brands are all competing to have the tallest bottle on the shelf. I only have a couple of extra-high shelves so these all go there and screw up the organizational system. Frustrating!

They achieve their heights without increasing the volume of the liquid inside in a number of crafty ways. Some, like Pallini liqueurs and Pinky vodka, just make a really long neck. Some, like Luxardo maraschino liqueur, use a thin bottle and wrap it in a big label to make it look thick and impressive. Maestro Dobel uses a fairly standard sized bottle, then puts it on a metal pedestal and adds a tall cap on top of the cork. Milagro *is* a miracle, because the bottle looks full liter-sized but is the standard 750ml. (How?) Skyy 90 just uses an inch of glass at the bottom to give it height.

(Wine bottle for height comparison. I should have used a better angle to make this look more dramatic.)

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