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A new cocktail menu concept

Because I'm a nerd, I enjoy tracking the various ways cocktail menus are organized. Some throw a bunch of different drinks together, some organize them into drink categories, and others stick to one theme throughout.

A venue in New York, Allen & Delancey, is doing something really new. For each drink concept, there are two executions:

No. 1 is light and festive, with citrus and fruit meant to refresh the mind and whet the appetite, while No. 2 showcases a base spirit, a stirred cocktail best drank with thought, time, and good conversation.

Some examples from the menu include:

(Grain, Oak, and Revolution)
1 Bourbon, amaro, lemon, honeyed ginger syrup
2 Rye, amaro, sherry, elderflower, Bénédictine, aromatic bitters

(Agave, Pacific Winds, and the Jimadors)
1 Blanco tequila, Acacia honey, lime, Angostura bitters, rinse Luxardo bitter
2 Reposado tequila, antica, green chartreuse, orange bitters, rinse Campari, orange twist

And the drinks look pretty darn delicious as well! Read more examples on New York Magazine's website.

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