Bad times, good whisky
New Booze: Tru 2 Organic Gin

Alternative Tales Talks

Tales of the Cocktail is an annual convention in New Orleans for bartenders and drink nerds. There are seminars and panels on various drink topics (all with drinks served) that are proposed and given by industry notables.

A month or two ago I was talking about panel ideas with a small group of jive turkeys who would be submitting proposals for next year's Tales, including David Wondrich, the most popular drink nerd of all. People like him and Dale DeGroff and Tony Abou-Ganim are such superstars in the industry that I proposed they should get paid just to show up and party, rather than having to prepare lectures and make PowerPoint slides like normal people.

They could get sponsors to reserve a seat for them in the bar and just hang out. And when someone asked what they were drinking, they would say, "A Manhattan made with fine Sazerac rye whiskey!" (or whatever) and then everyone would be happy. I think it's a brilliant idea, but then again I think all my ideas are great.

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