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More Cachaca Recipes

I think the cachaca category is too tied to the Caipirinha, but I probably think that because the Caipirinha is a lousy drink. There I said it. Cachacadrink

But I love cacacha and am always thrilled to see something other than the Caipirinha made with it on drink menus. Coming to my rescue is Naren Young, a New York-based writer/bartender. He wrote this little ditty on the Top Five Cachaca Cocktails.

Included in the list is the Caipirinha de Uva, a drink I've had and loved several times in different places. There is also the Pearl Button by John Deragon, which sounds easy and delightful, and a version of the Bloody Mary called the Bloody Carioca. I had a different version of a cachaca based Bloody Mary, which sounds disgusting- and I loved it.

I just wanted to draw your attention to these other options because I'm so very glad to have them myself.

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