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New Booze: Tru 2 Organic Gin

Tru_ginWhy it's interesting: While nearly all gins are vodka that is infused with herbs and redistilled, Tru 2 Gin stops at the infusion- and proudly advertises that. (It's a light gold color because of this.) Also, I believe it is only the second organic gin on the market.

The product is made by Modern Spirits, a company that produces a range of flavored vodkas, as well as the Tru Organic Vodka line. Like most gin (and many vodka) companies, they purchase their spirit elsewhere and blend and dilute it in-house. Here they use their creative infusion talents to turn this vodka into gin.

The mouthfeel on this gin is oilier than your average London dry, and I'd go so far as to say it has a softer "nosefeel." (Can I copyright that?) According to the website, the ingredients in the gin are juniper berries,  fresh lavender, fresh lemon zest, angelica root, orris root,  coriander seeds,  cardamom, vanilla beans, cloves, fennel, cinnamon, allspice, chamomile and star anise. To my palate (which is dumb, keep in mind), it's floral soft vanilla juniper on the nose and lingering cinnamon/allspice in the mouth.

Availability: It is supposed to be in "major markets" this fall. (This map should help you determine if it's in your state.) Retail price is $34.99.

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