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Bad times, good whisky

Say it ain't so!

ZimaZima is going to be retired.

This is a sad, sad day for America. The most wonderful of malternative beverages, the wine cooler of the nineties, Zima, will be no more.

I had a particularly messy and public love for Zima in the early 1990's right after college. In fact, Zima was there for me when I received my physics GRE scores in the mail and realized I wasn't going to get into grad school anywhere I had already applied. What a night that was! I think several people have an image of me crawling across the dancefloor of the Axis nightclub permanently seared into their retinas. Poor fools.

While it may have it may have taken 15 years for Zima- and it's upscale sister, Zima Gold- to leave the market, for me, this delicious malt beverage will always be associated with FAIL.

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