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Vodka for ghost-lovers

I'm a bit late to this party, but Dan Akroyd is hawking Cyrstal Head Vodka, which appears to be a real product as you can buy it at some online stores. He says "We are confident that people will enjoy the very slight, creamy sweetness given to the tongue and palate from a serving of Crystal Head, triple Herkimer diamond filtered Newfoundland deep aquifer pure spirit vodka."

Of course, he says that about seven and a half minutes into this insane-yet-boring eight minute video about aliens and ghosts. That would lead me to think it was a viral video if it weren't torture to watch. To sell vodka in a clear, skull-shaped bottle, you don't need a long-winded crazy ghost celebrity sponsored video. You just need to say, "It's vodka, and it comes in a skull." HELL YES I want that!

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