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Wilding during Whisky Week

This is whisky week in San Francisco, so there are a ton of events happening with distillers and brand ambassadors all over the city. Last night, I made it to four of them.

I started off at Swig, meeting Sam Simmons of Balvenie. I tried the Doublewood, the 12-year-old limited edition for Dave Stewart's 40th anniversary at the company, and the new Balvenie 17-year-old rum cask.

Next up was Rye's cocktail competition with Michter's rye. I got roped in to judging the event at the last minute, but it's not so bad- it ensures both a seat and a steady supply of drinks. The first-place winner was a bartender from Rye (can't remember her name...), second place was Josh Harris from Pier 23 (with balsamic vinegar and cherries- my favorite of the night) and third place was Scott Baird from 15 Romolo.

Then half the bar relocated to Bourbon & Branch, where Jackie Patterson was guest bartending. I stayed for one drink, as the effects of judging 7 drinks in an hour and a half were starting to take hold.

A group of us then headed to Elixir, where the guest bartender was John Glaser of Compass Box whisky. He was swinging around his magnum of Peat Monster and towards 1AM when there were only five of us in the bar, pressuring us to drink more so he had something to do. I think this was my first time ever doing shots of single-malt. It was good stuff, but I hope it's the last time I do that.

I would post pictures, but it seems I left my camera in one of the bars.

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